Feeding the COMMUNITY


Thank you everyone for your positive feedback regarding Josh's (@joshlilj) video that featured Lago Tacos. Lago Tacos LynLake has been successfully part of the historic Uptown Minneapolis community for the past ten years. Many of our great employees live in the surrounding neighborhood, an inclusive community that welcomes all. When visiting our restaurant, you will often find a diverse clientele sitting together at a table, our bar or patio, enjoying great food and drinks in our upbeat, fun atmosphere. While Uptown Minneapolis is a special neighborhood and wonderful community, it also has challenging and complex issues that require greater attention than a quick fix to resolve. Many people in our community/video you watched are dealing with difficult circumstances financially, mentally, emotionally and physically. Regardless of the lack of stability someone may have in their life, they are still an important part of our community. Having Josh (@joshlilj) stop by our restaurant gave Lago Tacos an opportunity to give back in the best way we know how—making great, nutritious food available to those in need. We encourage you to do the same whenever possible. Thank you for all your support. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit us at any of our three locations, please stop by.

Lago Tacos